Tree Stump Removal in Fort Myers, FL

Doupe Tree Service is proud to offer tree care services and tree maintenance in the Fort Myers, FL area including services such as:

  • Tree Trimming: Are your trees overgrown? Often, property owners don’t realize the difference tree trimming in the Fort Myers area can make. Trees frequently interfere with rooflines, crowd other trees, get dangerously close to power lines and pose other inconveniences. Keeping trees properly trimmed protects your property and those inside.
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  • Tree Removal: Trees are typically viewed as an asset,but some circumstances warrant their removal. If you are planning a construction project, if you have a dead tree on your property, or if a root system is interfering with pipelines or foundations, you may need to remove your tree. Doupe Tree Service offers the expertise you need to safely and quickly remove unwanted trees with professional tree removal in Fort Myers, FL area.
  • Tree Pruning: Did you know trees require pruning just like other plants? Keeping them properly pruned encourages healthy growth and improves their appearance. It can also allow more light to reach dark areas to improve the look of your lawn or your property. With detailed precision, we use industry-leading techniques to ensure your trees are beautifully pruned.
  • Stump Grinding: Unsightly stumps are both unattractive and inconvenient. Stop mowing around your unwanted stump. We can easily get this out of your way using professional stump grinding in the Fort Myers, FL area.
  • Shrub Trimming/Removal: Doupe Tree Service is more than just tree trimming in the Fort Myers, FL area. We also offer trimming services for your shrubbery. Our team will ensure your shrubs are well-maintained. We are also happy to remove them from your property if you so desire.
  • Hedge Trimming/Removal: Hedges can be an attractive addition to your property. However, they require high maintenance. Our team is available to keep your hedges looking sharp, or remove them altogether.
  • Tractor Work: Do you have a big project? We’ve got you covered. We offer a grapple arm tractor for removal assistance. With our team on the job, no task is too big or small.
  • Brush Hauling: If you have an old pile of brush, we can help by turning them into mulch that you can reuse in your yard or garden, or we can haul them away to our yard.
  • Lot Clearing: Do you have a lot or yard that has too many trees and need help thinning them? Or maybe you’re building a house or a development on a lot of lots thick with trees. At Doupe Tree Service, we have the equipment to completely clear all trees from your property or to just remove a few, but leave the rest.

Contact the experts at Doupe Tree Service for your next project. Reach our trusted team at (239) 246-0699 today for a free estimate.